Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Breakfast is served.

Yesterday, my regular working shift was switched around. Now working nights, I don't exactly have time to dabble in exciting dinner meals. Instead of abandoning my cooking goals and taking a tummycation, I have decided to work on my breakfast menu. On a normal day, I'm up and out so early I don't have much time for more than a dull bowl of sugary cereal and maybe a piece of frut, if I'm lucky. Now I can try some new things and even work on my baking skills a little.
I decided, after seeing a re-run of Baking with Julia, to try a simple muffing recipe one of her guests shared. It was a crumbly muffing, made with brown sugar and rich butter. It was really quick and easy, and surprisingly delicious, although it lost some of its flair once they had completely cooled. (The best muffin is a warm muffin.) I made a full dozen. They must have been wonderful, because within an hour they were all gone. Even the dog couldn't resist stealing one from the counter when nobody was looking. I'm looking forward to trying out more recipes like this one. I'll have to get to the store and do some special shopping for the next couple weeks. (By the way, the picture is actually a banana crumb muffin. I suppose just about any fruit would be an exciting addition to this recipe.)

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