Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Roasted red pepper soup and a movie

We were lucky enough (mostly because I still don't have a real job) to run up to Salt Lake City for the entire week and spend a little time with my sister and brother in law. Originally, we came just for a Pearl Jam concert, but decided while we're still baby free we should have ourselves a little vacation. It's been a jolly good time, hanging out, goofing off, etc.

An added bonus for me is that I get to try out my cooking on new mouths, maybe mouths that are a little less biased than my wife's. So tonight I put together a recipe I found in "Sunset" magazine. I charred, peeled, and chopped some red bell peppers, then added onion, potatoes and broth. It all boiled down and then we threw it in the blender so it was smooth. I had to add some extra spices as the recipe did not call for any, and although it was still a little drab for my personal taste, it seemed to be a super hit with everyone else. I also grilled some french bread cheese sandwiches, which were also great.

We ate it all up, watched a movie, and even had some pumpkin pie (which I am not in the least embarrassed to say was purchased at Denny's, worth every penny.) I'm aware that they're all family, and probably still just as biased, but hey, we're together and it not only tastes good but it is good.

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