Sunday, September 13, 2009

A little messy, but still good

Is it any wonder that my cooking is as hit and miss as my life? I started looking for a new job as soon as I knew we were almost done with our last job at the prison. I check multiple websites practically every day for at least three different cities, and not one has taken me anywhere. At the same time I'm not sure I was ever sure about what it is I want to do with my life. I feel like I just graduated high school and am figuring life out all over again, only this time I have to actually come up with something, and fast, or two other people are in the hole with me. Ugh.

Likewise, I've been in a maze with my cooking lately. I've skipped for up to a week at some points. When I do cook, it's usually alright, nothing too terribly awful, but the wild delicious ideas have most often slipped my mind. Breakfast is never more than just a couple pieces of soggy bacon and two slimy eggs. It's good, but far from great.

Tonight, I hope, has broken the death spin. I applied for yet another job, this one in Salt Lake City, where I would be taking some level of charge over catering in the area. It sounds pretty fun and promising (of course, so have others.) After I applied, we were hungry for a good snack. I didn't have anything great in mind, I just started pulling things out of the refrigerator.

First, some turkey ham, sliced thin and fried in olive oil. A good start, but I thought it needed something with it, not too heavy or intense. Back to the ice box, I found a red bell pepper, just waiting to be eaten. I cut it into little slivers and tossed it with the ham, letting it roast, more or less. I was about to start serving it onto some plates, when Jackie suggested "toast, with feta cheese or something." She was right on the money. I toasted some bread on the leftover oil, piled on the meat and pepper, and sprinkled feta all over it. I plated it, drizzled some olive oil on top, and we enjoyed. The only flaw was the bread, which should have been sourdough, or maybe a better olive oil, but for what it was... spectacular! Maybe my life is finally back on track.

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  1. Maybe you should try some upscale bed and breakfast. I bet people would pay good money for that.