Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bundles of Joy

Babies need all sorts of vitamins and what not. One of the many things they suggest while they're still in gestation is fish oil. It's supposed to stimulate the brains. Since the arrival of our baby on the eleventh we haven't had much time between the hospital and home to sit down and make a good celebratory meal. Tonight, however, we had some time to ourselves, while the rest of the family watched baby, to put together something good, something fish oily.

(Feed me, Dad!)

I found some tilapia fillets in the freezer (sort of the worst-case-scenario fish) and it all just came together. The end result we called Bacon Crusted Fish with Creamy Orange Sauce. Just imagine fish breaded with a mixture of bacon bits, crumbs, and parmesan cheese, fried in olive oil to a perfect crispiness. Then, using the pan leftovers, build a creamy sauce with brown sugar, worcestershire, and orange zest to serve on top of the fish. Finally, a baby spinach salad with balsamic vinaigrette on the side. Oh, the mouth waters at the thought. I'm sorry we don't have an image for you to drool over, but just know that it was superb, especially for a throw-together meal.

So, we celebrate our new baby with our own fish oils, and some other yummies on the side. We're so happy to have her join the family and look forward to many more meals inspired by her.

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